RESTRICTIONS UPDATE 15th JULY – 4 Households and Junior Activity Bubbles

The main changes at the start of phase 3

  • we can now teach multiple adult or mixed age band classes in a day per instructor but we are still limited to 4 households per instructor per lesson.
  • we can create activity bubbles with junior groups which allows all under 18’s to create a bubble for the period of the lesson allowing no need to social distance for the period of the lesson – this allows for group games and drills in classes. It also allows our junior staff to lead games, help in paddle sports on sup xl’s or help with safety of younger customers.

We still expect all customers to social distance on arrival. All our staff will be wearing ppe on arrival too and please follow zonal procedure for pick up of wetsuits, changing and surf board pick up and meeting areas.


RESTRICTION UPDATE 24th AUG – Adult Limit Increase

Adult limits doing sport in Scotland outside have increased to 30. This is due to changes allowing contact sports for adults to take place outdoors such as rugby and football. For Coast to Coast we are still maintaining staged classes and small groups (max 8).

Please note shielding customers should still not partake in lessons just now.


RESTRICTION UPDATE 14th SEP – Sport Exemption 

For the purposes of delivering ‘organised sporting or leisure activity’, Coast to Coast Surf School, is exempt from the normal general household rules when delivering its classes.

As a member of the Scottish Surfing Federation, activities which are undertaken in a structured and managed way following specific rules and guidance of relevant governing bodies of sport and approved bysportscotand allow for a ‘field of play bubble’ to be created.  This enables Coast to Coast to deliver lessons for both children and adults in groups of 8.

Coast to Coast remind all participants to follow current social distancing rules (6 people from 2 households) when arriving and leaving their class and within the car park environment.

Current note

  1. “Organised sports exemption” – we are currently not effected by the recent “rule of 6” household and hospitality change in Scotland (confirmed by Sport Scotland).
  2. “The restrictions do not apply where there is other sector specific guidance in force, for example for gyms, for childcare or for organised sports, and there will be some other limited exceptions for larger households, education, and places of worship.”

For more information of the recent restriction changes in watersports the Scottish Canoe Association explains it really well – you can see here



For the period 9th Oct to 25th Oct 2020 inclusive. We are asking that all customers that book in this period have a Lothian address (or are staying in Lothian and can show an address). We also ask that all customers travel by private transport. The Scottish Government statement on the 7th Oct have asked people in the central belt to limit travel where possible to their health board area and not use public transport. We will be contacting all bookings effected by this temporary change to offer the chance too reschedule in November, get a 2021 voucher or refund.



The Scottish Government have updated information on 29th Oct for the new 5 level tier approach which went live on November 2nd 2020. Sports Scotland have since confirmed that outdoor non contact sport can be participated in by adults and children in level 3 however travel restrictions mean we can only offer surfing and sup lessons and hires to adult customers within the East Lothian council area. Juniors are ok in level 0-3 to cross council borders for sport and physical activity. Latest Sports Scotland advice can be seen here Phase 3 Return to sport and physical activity guidance 021120 FINAL

Travel Guidance

  1. Travel guidance outlined by the Scottish Government should always be followed.   Further information on what travel is permitted is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on travel and transport.  
  2. Information for each local authority area, including their level is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels including a post code checker.  
  3. Specific information on car sharing is available from Transport Scotland:  advice on how to travel safely. 
  4. Sport & Physical Activity;
    1. Participants can travel freely for organised sport and physical activity or informal exercise within their own Local Authority area.  See Table A for information on what organised sport or physical activity is allowed at each Level.  For informal exercise general household rules should be followed.
    1. Level 4 guidance
      1. Participants (all ages) should not drive/be driven in or out of Level 4 areas for the purposes of exercise. Travel in and out of Level 4 areas should only take place during the course of outdoor exercise where it requires the crossing of boundaries, such as walking, cycling, running, or a golf course that straddles the boundary of two areas and starts/finishes at the same place.
    2. Level 0-3 guidance
      1. Participants 18 years of age or over (adults) who live in a Level 3 area should only travel locally (within around 5 miles of their local authority area) to take part in sport or physical activity outdoors.  Adults living in a Level 3 area should not take part in contact sport or physical activity.
      2. Participants aged 18 years or over (adults) who live in a Level 0, 1 or 2 area should, where possible, minimise unnecessary travel between areas and not travel to a Level 3 or 4 area to take part in organised sport or physical activity.  
      3. Participants under 18 years of age can travel to and from Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 areas (but not Level 4) to take part in organised sport and physical activity other than team sports.  For team sports follow the guidance below. 
      4. Team sports (all ages) should, where possible, compete and train locally and in line with guidance outlined in Table 1.  Teams should not travel in or out of Level 3 or 4 areas to compete or train. 
      5. Where a participant is under 18 years of age they may travel/be driven to play for their team if it is located in a higher or lower Level area. 
      6. Operators should risk assess all activity and it is strongly recommended that where at all possible training and competition should take place locally.

RESTRICTION UPDATE 17th NOV – East Lothian Drops Restriction TO Level 2

East Lothian will be dropping from level 3 to level 2 from next Tuesday 24th Nov. This means for our last weekend of the season we can accept adult customers from other level 2 areas adjacent to us such as Midlothian and Borders. Level 3 and 4 areas, which is most of the central belt we cannot accept adults for lessons or hires unfortunately. Juniors are still allowed to travel for sport in level 0-3.

RESTRICTION UPDATE 24th NOV – Midlothian Stays in Level 3

Due to increases in infection in Midlothian last week it will unfortunately stay in level 3, therefore we can only accept Borders and East Lothian customers for our final weekend of the season.