A very sizable swell is forming Easter Monday due to peak on Tuesday and will give waves for the rest of the week. A ten metre swell coming from the north of Norway and Scotland is due to travel down the north sea on Monday arriving through Tuesday. Wave period will be unusually large hitting 9ft at 17 sec at its peak. Unfortunately the winds will be strong onshore and it will be very cold (feeling below freezing) so the surf school has taken the unusual precaution of closing lessons and hires for Monday. However by Wednesday we will still have a large swell but much cleaner waves and will open again. The low pressure looks likely to remain in the north sea for atleast a week eventually calming down to a size where waves will be good for all levels, potentially by Friday and into next weekend and week.

Huge swell forming north of Scotland Monday am.

The energy (Wave Period diagram below) from this huge north sea swell will stretch all the way to Africa arriving Thursday/ Friday (marked by the orange indicating a period (or gap between waves) of over 20seconds).