Photo & Video Analysis

At Coast to Coast, we believe that visual feedback is crucial to improving your surfing skills. While verbal feedback and instruction can be very helpful, there’s no substitute for seeing yourself in action. Our experienced instructors use photo & video analysis to provide detailed feedback on everything from your stance to your wave selection.

By watching your own footage, you’ll gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and be able to pinpoint areas for improvement. Our analysis sessions are tailored to each individual, providing personalised feedback and guidance.

With our help, you’ll be able to make adjustments and see progress in real-time. So if you want to take your surfing to the next level, book a session and get ready to see yourself in a whole new way.

Filming or photography capture

Surfer: The filming service is aimed at developing and advanced surfers however we can provide a photography service for beginner and groups too.

We offer the opportunity to have photographs or filming taken of your surfing session. Tailored to individuals or small groups (max 4) our staff can film your surf session and provide you with the footage in the form of an SD card to take away.

  • Capture of your surf in the form of video or filming 
  • 4k optional
  • Up to 4 people max in any group
  • Ideal for improvers, intermediates or advanced to learn
  • SD card to take away

Video analysis

The development path starts when you accept that it’s you surfing on the screen. It’s often quite a shock when you first see all your imperfections in full glory! But when you start to see areas you can improve – the progress starts. Our senior instructors help break down your technique and advise areas to work on.

We can even look at the worlds’ best and start to build movement skills to help align your technique with the pros.

These feedback classes are tailored to individuals or small groups (max 4) and can be one or two hours depending on the amount of footage or people.

  • Analysis of your surfing
  • Comparison with excellent technique 
  • Gaining understanding where you can improve
  • Up to 4 people max in any group
  • Ideal for improvers, intermediates or advanced to learn
  • Your best 3 waves sent to you with suggested ways to improve.


Surfers, Paddleboarders and Skateboarders will get most out of the visual feedback process at improver to advanced level. However beginners are welcome to get in touch.


We arrange filming and video analysis on a bespoke nature with one of our senior instructors or professional cameramen. Filming is for one hour. Video Analysis can be one or two hours depending on number of participants.


Filming in the majority is at Belhaven Beach but can be subject to approval at other beaches for more advanced surfers. Video Analysis is at the Belhaven Surf Centre.


Standard lessons last for two hours. This is from the lesson start time to finish time in the water. Please allow roughly 15-30mins extra for the walk back and changing.

Most classes are groups, with ratios of one instructor to 8 pupils. More advanced surf and paddleboard classes can be smaller number. For classes with younger participants we normally provide assistants to compliment the instructors. We can offer weekday private classes and these will appear on our website when we have availability?

Please bring a towel, swim costume and sun protection. It can also be useful also to bring £1 coins for the surf centre hot showers and the beach car park. There are local places to eat within 5-15 minutes walk and there is also a food van that sells coffee, cakes and toasties at certain times of the year in the beach car park. 

We provide excellent wetsuits and accessories appropriate to conditions so you are warm and comfortable throughout the year. All surfboards, skateboards, paddleboards and bodyboards are also included in the cost of lesson. And safety equipment is provided for coasteering and skateboarding classes.

You can find level guides for SUP and Surf under the corresponding tabs on our website.

We recommend checking surf forecast Type in Belhaven Bay. Usually, 1-2ft+ is a good indication there will be waves. You can also check out our surf forecast here.

For all lessons and hires we require all participants to be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres unaided.

We have a team of experienced instructors who have current surf lifesaving qualifications and surf and play in our waters regularly. All of our activities are regularly risk assessed to ensure customer safety. We also are assessed by AALA every two years.

We advise you not to take part if pregnant. We understand many pregnant women have taken part in sport successfully but due to the potential to fall or for a board to hit the body in our main three sports, we prefer to be cautious and will welcome you back with open arms when you have brought your new arrival into the world!

All classes on the east coast meet at the 

Belhaven Surf Centre 

36 Back Road (on Shore Road)
Belhaven, Dunbar
East Lothian
EH42 1NX

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Scoping out the best waves and taking the crew!

Island Surf Tours

Island surf adventures in some of Scotland’s most beautiful places.

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Equipment Hire

Hire surf skate boards & safety equipment. Become a carving master!

Find your surf level

Surf coaching can help you improve quickly but it’s important to start at the right level.

We have 4 stages of development: beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced.

The way we teach, where and what we offer varies depending on your level.


Ideal for?

  • Those new to the sport of surfing
  • Those who have surfed before but struggle to catch or stand in white water waves

Aims: To have fun surfing safely while developing your technique and knowledge – becoming a white water warrior!

Availability: Daily lessons subject to waves and tours.


Ideal for? 

  • Those who can catch waves and stand with good posture consistently and in control in white water
  • Those who are surfing unbroken waves but are struggling to catch unbroken waves, trim along or control speed.

Aims: To position, paddle, pop up and glide better along unbroken waves safely while developing your technique and knowledge – becoming a green wave glider!

Availability: Weekly lessons subject to waves and tours.


Ideal for?

  • Those that can surf with control along an unbroken wave.
  • For those that wish to improve their speed and manoeuvrability.

Aims: To have fun learning to use your body, the wave and your board to surf dynamically learning the foundation skills in surfing – becoming a blue wave ripper!

Availability: Weekly lessons subject to waves, bespoke offseason lessons, online coaching and tours.


Ideal for? 

  • Those that have the foundation manoeuvres dialled but wish to know more.

Aims: To use the wave differently surfing deeper, further, higher and lower.


Tours and bespoke offseason lessons, online coaching.