We recognise that surfing isn’t the most environmentally friendly with a heavy reliance on the petro chemical industry!

However we do deeply care about protecting and cleaning up our coastline and reducing our overall impact on the environment. As such we are looking in depth at how we do this, reducing our carbon footprint, educating our customers, putting profits to re-wild scotlands forrests and supporting environmental research into the surf industries carbon footprint.


BEACH & COASTAL CLEANS Since our formation in 2004 we have been organising and partnering with Surfers Against Sewage local beach cleans in East Lothian and we run beach cleans on our island and north coast tours. We also do 2 minute beach cleans in surf and paddle board courses. This year we are also hoping to be part of a new zero waste campaign to offer litter pickers for free at the surf centre for the general public to use on daily walks along the beach. The aim is always to leave the locations we use better than we find them.

NO PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL TRACE We have also been concious of our impact on tours around Scotland and we aim to leave the locations better than we find. We have also been concious for over a decade of the power of digital media to bring large numbers of people to lovely locations that eventually spoil and harm the locations. We are careful to never promote where we travel too on surf camps or local adventures. Any photos we use are cropped to leave no trace of where we are and customers are asked not to promote the locations too. The aim to leave no digital trace so others can come up on the beautiful locations in the way we found them.



POWER We are actively trying to reduce our power needs and go greener. The first stage of this was to move to the purpose built Belhaven surf centre which uses an air source heat pump and underfloor heating so we could reduce consumption. The second stage is to fund solar to make the building energy positive by 2025.

TRANSPORT We are actively trying to reduce transport need for ourselves which has massively reduced since moving into the surf centre in 2019. We hope to go further with a move to move greener, potentially electric for our local van by 2025. We aim to actively promote greener transport to customers and have discounted codes for public transport, car sharing or walking/cycling in place in 2022 hopefully post covid.

REDUCING PACKAGING We are working with our suppliers to reduce excess packaging within the surf industry and we recycle all packaging we can.

PAPERLESS OFFICE AND VOUCHERS We have actively taken our office, booking, vouchers and payment systems online since 2019 and whenever possible try to run to a paperless environment or use recycled paper. Our marketing is also mainly online now.

RECYCLING EQUIPMENT We try to recycle all our equipment (boards and wetsuits) we buy back into the local surf community giving a much longer shelf life for any products we buy and ensuring that customers have new quality equipment to use in the surf school and customers buying quality second hand products. The challenge now is to look at solutions for equipment that has hit the end of the cycle with customers – old wetsuits and boards and offer alternative to land fill. We hope to do this working with partners.

GREEN RETAIL We aim to promote green retail retailing more environmentally friendly products where we can, and supplying high quality durable products too that have longer life spans.


TREE PLANTING In 2020 we planted a tree for all our junior holiday courses and tours with 220 new trees planted through an organisation called with trees for life, an organisation re-wilding the Scottish highlands.

In 2021 we have also added a retail commitment for every £100 spent to plant a tree too on new equipment. We are also looking at more local alternatives for tree planting, so our young customers can see their trees grow up with them – giving a long term connection with nature.


WILDLIFE EDUCATION In 2021 our instructors took part in wildlife training courses and we also became a member Wise Adventure pledging to follow best practice with wildlife and environment while doing our lessons and courses.

We aim to invite and work with partners, offering talks and environmental courses to educate about the environment and coastal protection in 2021/22

LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNAGE We have been working with the council to improve safety and environmental messaging in 2020/21. The latest sign is a very simple one “Leave nothing but your footprint” in the beach car park.


ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN 2021/22 We aim to have a full plan with our current carbon footprint in place by 2022 with clear objectives and measurable targets and if needed get help to achieve our targets.