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Scottish Surf Tours : A customers perspective

Surf exploration is part of the ethos of Coast to Coast Surf School since our first surf tours back in 2007. Since then we have been exploring the wonderful Scottish coastline and surfing some really unique locations. This year we were lucky enough to have surf adventures in the South

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Solo surfing?

We have heard the story countless times; I have taken a few lessons, gotten to a good enough level, but I just want to head out and practice. Only one problem – I don’t know anyone else that surfs. We are here to help!

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What age is to old to surf?

Can you surf at sixty? An interview with Chris Robison Surfers the world over have one book that they would hold up as the go-to, that is Barbarian Days by William Finnegan. As interesting as the stories he tells are (and interesting would be an understatement), there is one thing

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Wetsuit hire scotland

What Wetsuit Should I Buy For Surfing in Scotland?

If you do a quick search online you can find countless articles on wetsuits and the different types that you can buy. While this information is useful and we would recommend giving them a read through; it can be overwhelming with the choices available.

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Junior Surf Lessons

Junior Holiday Surf & Adventure Camp

The ultimate summer experience for kids aged 7-16 at our Junior Holiday Surf & Adventure Camp, where they’ll learn to surf, make new friends, and enjoy exciting adventure activities in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Discover Coast to Coast Surf School, Scotland’s premier surf school offering surf lessons, surf tours, SUP adventures, and coasteering experiences for all ages and skill levels.

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Find your surf level

Surf coaching can help you improve quickly but it’s important to start at the right level.

We have 4 stages of development: beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced.

The way we teach, where and what we offer varies depending on your level.


Ideal for?

  • Those new to the sport of surfing
  • Those who have surfed before but struggle to catch or stand in white water waves

Aims: To have fun surfing safely while developing your technique and knowledge – becoming a white water warrior!

Availability: Daily lessons subject to waves.

Beginner +

Ideal for?

  • Those with experience of surfing white water.
  • Those who can stand up on a surf board

Aims: To have fun surfing safely while developing control, learning speed and turning techniques.

Availability: Daily lessons subject to waves.


Ideal for? 

  • Those who can catch waves and stand with good posture consistently and in control in white water
  • Those who are surfing unbroken waves but are struggling to catch unbroken waves, trim along or control speed.

Aims: To catch more unbroken waves and surf with control while developing your technique and knowledge. Become a green wave glider!

Availability: Weekly lessons subject to waves.


Ideal for?

  • Those that can surf with control along both big and small unbroken waves.
  • For those that wish to improve their technique on unbroken waves.

Aims: To improve how you surf an unbroken wave going higher, lower, further and deeper. Develop better body dynamics on the board.

Availability: Bespoke surf & surf skate lessons with a senior instructor. Development courses and tours.