Our First Mobile Surf Tour of 2023!

The first Mobile Surf Tour of 2023 was a fantastic success! This incredible five-day trip brought together a fantastic group of surfing enthusiasts, eager to explore Scotland’s pristine coastlines, catch some epic waves and improve their surfing!

The tour kicked off with an unforgettable east coast swell, setting the stage for a week of adventure, camaraderie, and progression. Our experienced guides, led by the amazing Sam, ensured each participant received personalised feedback and guidance throughout the tour. This hands-on approach allowed everyone to push their limits safely, gain confidence in exploring new surf spots, and work on specific techniques both in and out of the water.

One of our delighted participants, Matt, shared his thoughts about the tour:

“Thanks Sam, the tour was brilliant. I feel like I now have more confidence about exploring, scoping out new spots, and pushing my limits safely. And the feedback on technique has given me specific things to work on both in and out of the water. Exactly what I needed to set me up for my next level of progression.”

Our Mobile Surf Tours are designed to cater to surfers from improver to advanced levels, offering a unique opportunity to discover Scotland’s hidden surf gems while improving your surfing abilities. With expert guidance, great waves and a focus on safety and fun, these tours are the perfect way to level up your surfing game and create lasting memories with fellow wave riders.

We can’t wait to embark on more Mobile Surf Tours in the future and continue sharing our passion for surfing with our amazing community. If you’re ready to join us on the next adventure, be sure to check out our Scottish Surf Tours page for more information, or check availability and book below. See you on the next wave!

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Find your surf level

Surf coaching can help you improve quickly but it’s important to start at the right level.

We have 4 stages of development: beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced.

The way we teach, where and what we offer varies depending on your level.


Ideal for?

  • Those new to the sport of surfing
  • Those who have surfed before but struggle to catch or stand in white water waves

Aims: To have fun surfing safely while developing your technique and knowledge – becoming a white water warrior!

Availability: Daily lessons subject to waves and tours.


Ideal for? 

  • Those who can catch waves and stand with good posture consistently and in control in white water
  • Those who are surfing unbroken waves but are struggling to catch unbroken waves, trim along or control speed.

Aims: To position, paddle, pop up and glide better along unbroken waves safely while developing your technique and knowledge – becoming a green wave glider!

Availability: Weekly lessons subject to waves and tours.


Ideal for?

  • Those that can surf with control along an unbroken wave.
  • For those that wish to improve their speed and manoeuvrability.

Aims: To have fun learning to use your body, the wave and your board to surf dynamically learning the foundation skills in surfing – becoming a blue wave ripper!

Availability: Weekly lessons subject to waves, bespoke offseason lessons, online coaching and tours.


Ideal for? 

  • Those that have the foundation manoeuvres dialled but wish to know more.

Aims: To use the wave differently surfing deeper, further, higher and lower.


Tours and bespoke offseason lessons, online coaching.